Start a Home Based Business: What You Truly Need to Consider

If you are thinking about starting a home business, chances are that you have done a lot of research into this venture. Starting a home business can be very profitable in more ways than one. Many believe that they have thought about everything that goes into a home business, only to find out that they were not aware of some very important aspects. Below are a few things that you may have forgotten that you will definitely need to address before you get started.

1. Working at home is totally different than working in an office. You have to totally change your mindset. Many people forget that there are a lot of distractions working from home. For example, you don’t check Facebook at work, because you know that there is probably someone monitoring the network, or even the chance that your boss may catch you. At home, you suppose, why not? The next thing you know, you’ve wasted an hour and have nothing done. This doesn’t cost your boss money, it costs YOU money. When you are running a home business you will have to struggle with distractions such as the television and radio. You will also have to be able to deal with any other family members that are going to be home with you. Your kids may not be able to tell the difference between work time and play time. This presents a lot of problems to people that run a home based business. So you have to start running your home, as you would run a business and manage time, tasks and distractions for each one. Come up with a system to run both, or you will be running yourself, and your dreams, into the ground.

2. If you handle a home based business, you are going to need to have a lot of self discipline. You are going to be your only boss, which means that there will be nobody looking over your shoulder telling you what to do. When there is no one telling you what to do, YOU have to decide what tasks you need to do daily, your goals, and your vision. When everything is laid out for you by a company, it can be pretty easy to get things done. But when you have to build your own system, and bring in your income, your discipline must be both plentiful and unwavering. Most people can’t get past this, and fail before they even start.

3. When you run a home based business you are responsible for all of your own costs. Many people forget to budget for this. Remember, if your computer crashes it is your responsibility to get it fixed. You no longer have an IT team that you can call to help you. You will also be responsible for buying your own supplies when you need them. What you also have to remember to budget for is the revenue you are not bringing in while you are getting started. This is also an expense, as it is costs you money as well!

4. As a home based business owner you are in charge of every aspect of your business. This means that you will not only have to make sales and take care of marketing, but you will also be in charge of accounts payable and accounts receivable. If you have the money, you can also outsource these tasks. Check out odesk.com and elance.com for help with anything from accountants, to marketing to answering phones.

5. Home based business owners are in charge of their own taxes. When you run a home business there are no taxes being taken from your paycheck every month. This means that if don’t want to go to prison you are going to have to pay your own taxes throughout the year. This is usually too much for a home business owner to handle alone, so you will have to hire a professional to assist you. A home business can be very profitable, but make sure that you know exactly what you are getting into before you start.

Do you know which home based business you are starting? If not, make sure there is a demand for it. This is called market research. Also think about complimentary products or services. Consider your start up costs. If you feel your business is too costly to start, consider starting another business to raise the capital. Affiliate marketing is perfect for this. This gives you great practice for starting your main home based business too!
If your goal is to have the potential to make more money than you ever thought possible, click the button and begin a journey that will take you places you’ve never dreamed you could go.

3 thoughts on “Start a Home Based Business: What You Truly Need to Consider

  1. Thank you for your comment. It’s funny how as women, we have come full circle. Traditionally, women stayed home to care for children, the home and parents. We both know how much work it is to care for others. Then we left home to start careers outside the home. Working evolved into having businesses that could be run from our own homes to save money on commercial real estate. And now, we have the Internet, which allows more women to stay home and earn money than ever before.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Yes, I strongly agree with your article. Having a home-based business may be very difficult at first because you need to be very discipline and strong enough to get rid of the distractions at home. But one good thing for me is that, it saves you money from traveling from home to office and it is very convenient.

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