[Periscope] Must I Be A Good Writer In Order To Blog?

Do you need to be a good writer in order to ?

Short answer – no.

That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for creating good content.

The trick is to create content that is engaging and interesting.

That can be tough to do, but you know what they say, “Practice makes perfect.”

Blog, , create videos, images and keep publishing, tweaking as you go along. I know I don’t have perfect grammar and sometimes spelling. However, there is one caveat about not being a good writer – just because you aren’t a perfect writer, doesn’t mean you should write as if you fell asleep on the keyboard. Use spell check, edit your work and think of ways to make your content better as you go.

Now that we got all of that out of the way, let’s talk about different ways to blog that don’t require intensive .

1. Videos

Video is huge. If you are reading this on YouTube, then you already know. You can also create a blog and post your YouTube videos on your blog. I also use , which is live broadcasting via video on mobile devices. I save the “scopes” and upload them to YouTube, like this video.

2. Photos

I shoot a TON of photos and post them on Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. You can also put together a photo collage using mobile apps and put them on your blog. It is very easy and takes only a few minutes. I use Magisto and Photos.

3. Social Media

Twitter is only 140 characters. That is not much writing at all. Anyone can tweet something witty or even a link to a video or Instagram photo. Using social media on a regular basis and directing traffic to your blog or website is a smart way to take advantage of blogging without too much writing.

4. Audio

I haven’t explored this option, but I know a lot of marketers and brands that use podcasts and Soundcloud to syndicate content.

Blog, blog, blog. If you really want to blog and learn to turn it into a serious hobby or business, then you will let nothing stop you.

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