My Little Giggling Readers At Their School Open House

My little ones a book in class on Open House night, shot with .

Here are some great tips for getting kids to read with some great reading activities.

Why is getting kids to read so important? Kids nowadays want to sit on tablets and gaming systems. But reading is still important for a kid’s development.

It gives them imagination.
It makes them better .
It pumps up their vocabulary.
It keeps them informed.

If you want to keep your child interested in the timeless art of reading, here are some things you should do.

1. Get them a card.
are rich resources for the community, especially kids. Kids need to read and they can do that at a library with books. They can check out books, but they can also buy books at book fairs and check out Kindle versions online. Get them to join reading challenges and summer book clubs.

2. Get children to read what they love to read.

They may hate reading Chaucer, but love to read about space. Get them lots of space books and use them as a reward for good behavior or getting through homework on a subject they hate. Triggering kids to read about something they love will teach them to love to read throughout their lives.

3. Build a home library.

Buy books on sale, rotate books from the library and always keep books on hand that kids can grab and sit down with.

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