Prepared Blessings – Lakewood Church


Every weekend since March, 2013 we have been coming to Lakewood Church. When I lived in Portland, Oregon, I never dreamed that I would be able to visit this church. I knew it was in Houston where I was moving to, but for some reason I never thought that I would be a regular attendee at the church.

I love taking pictures of the church. Even though they are pretty much the same pictures every weekend, I still love to take them. I am hoping to catch something slightly different in each photo, something that will speak to someone and open their heart to God.



The photo above depicts a dance scene from September 14, 2014. I have never actually seen dance performance here at Lakewood in the 18 months and I’ve been attending. It was a beautiful dance. One woman climbed to scarf and suspended herself above the stage in time with spiritual music playing in the background. I remember sitting in the audience and thinking I would love to get great photos this and share them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an iPad or A digital camera with zoom lens with me or I would’ve been able to take better pictures. It’s okay I guess, you can still see what was taking place on September 14.


The church has tried different theatrical display in the past. One of my favorite ones was when they dangled chandelier from the ceiling. In the background they had all these bare lightbulbs. One person played the piano, well another person saying very beautifully. It was one of the best performances I had seen the church. This dance session is close to the top.




During this sermon, Joel Osteen made a case for what he calls prepared blessings. Prepared blessings are blessings that are just for us as individuals. No one else can receive these blessings from God except for us because they are exclusively for us. He warned us not to feel envy over someone else’s success because their success is only for them. Our success as individuals, is exclusively for us. For you and for me.

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