How to Build an Internet Home Based Business in Your Spare Time

How do you build an internet home based business in your spare time, when you have a job, a family and other duties? Where do you find the time? There is time, the secret is to use the time that you have available, leverage downtime or replace certain activities. Let’s look at how you can build an internet home based business – even if you have a busy schedule.

Reorganize Your Time To Build an Internet Home Based Business

Only you know your own schedule intimately. The first thing you should do? Find the gaps in time where you can squeeze in some activities that will build your business. See, most people believe that they have to use every waking minute to build a home based business. That is not necessarily true. You can drop activities into your day and still have some time to yourself at night. It may not be easy, but it can be done. Trust me, I have worked full time, gone home to take care of my infant daughter and still sold products on Amazon and Craigslist. It can be done.


Next, in order to build an internet home based business, you need to do the tasks that will make you money and NOT do the tasks that won’t make you money.

I’ll Repeat.

DO the tasks that make you money.

DON’T DO the tasks that won’t make you money.

Blogging is good, but it doesn’t make you money.

Advertising your blog will make you money. Checking email 50 times a day? Doesn’t make you money.

Responding to someone who is interested in working with you? MONEYMAKER!

Finding the right color for your website? FAIL. Putting calls to action at the end of your blog posts. BINGO!

You get the idea. ūüėČ



Replacing Your Time with Activities to Build Your Internet Home Based Business

Do you know how much time I spend watching TV? It is 1.5 – 2 hours. Every week. TV is a time sucker, an adult pacifier and can be a source of negativity that is a total income killer. So I don’t spend much time in front of it.Instead, use this treasured time to build something that can make you money. Work on personal development by attending a class or watching a video. Read. Advertise. Anything but that gosh darn boob tube. Your brain will thank you for it later. And guess what? Enhancing your mind almost always makes you produce more valuable content – blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts or whatever you put out there. I have invested weeks of retraining my brain. Now, whenever I open my mouth, people are taking notice and shoving business cards in my hand. They want me to call them. That wasn’t happening a year ago, before all the hours of personal development!

Another valuable time resource your can use is your commute. Americans waste about 300 hours a year in their cars going to work. Can you imagine all the learning that can go on? What about when your child is napping, or playing quietly with a favorite toy? In fact, let your child hear the wonderful, inspirational messages you are listening to. It will get into their young, spongy brains and in turn, they will find success earlier in life.

Keep Fine-Tuning and Hacking Away the Nonsense

I admit, I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I get leads from there for my internet home based business. But there is a point when the time your are spending and the return on investment is totally out of whack. Cut back on that time. Unsubscribe from email lists that have nothing to do with your business or improving your life. Cut back on your visits to that friend that does nothing but complain. The list is endless.

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