houston splash pads

Houston Splash Pads – Cooler than Kim Kardashian

. They are EVERYWHERE. When we moved here, they were a lifesaver in the summer heat. Splash pads are great because they cool the concrete and they cool your body, without the hassle of getting into a pool.

Splash pads are a game-changer for little ones who can’t yet swim. There are all different kinds.

The bucket – this one fills with water, then dumps water once full.

The fountain – shoots water from the ground.

The sprayer – mists or shoots water from a hose above ground.

The water sculpture – sprays water from sculptures shaped like animals, toys, flowers, or other objects.

Houston splash pads are always a welcome site when checking out a park for the first time. These summers down here get crazy hot, and splash pads make summers tolerable and refreshing.

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