First Week of Couch to 5k COMPLETE


I have joined the Couch to 5K program. Why? I want to run. But on a deeper level, I have gone through an incredible transformation in heart and mind. I joined Empower Network 7 months ago, and have made 100% commissions. It is a blogging system that is designed to drive extra, targeted traffic to your blog. Once you sign up, your blog is instantly built for you. All for only $25 a month!

Once I bought my blog, I watched the training videos that they include to get you started. These videos are called the 8 core commitments. They are designed to give you an action plan to follow to boost your success in the program. First thing: pay the affiliate fee. As an Amazon seller, I hate fees. They are way too high. But this fee is only $19.95 a month. EVERY MONTH! That means I can sign up hundreds of people, make tons of money and still only pay $19.95. I was like, really? How did they get the price so low? But they did. So I take full advantage of that!

One of the core commitments is listening to an audio every day. This is where the running part comes in. And this is where it gets GOOD. Every day, I am to listen to an audio book or podcast or something that teaches me to empower myself. It is personal development. Well, Empower Network has me covered. They have taken their weekly calls and put them into a package called the Inner Circle. This is probably about 200 + hours of inspirational, as well as how tos of making money, by the most successful people in the company. People making five and six figures PER MONTH. Who would want to miss that? Again, very affordable, considering the value you are paying for. And again, 100% commissions when people buy it from you and you pay that measly affiliate fee.

I have two more of the products. I don’t pay every month for them, because they are one-time fees. And I earn 100% commissions every time someone buys them from me. That means $500 and $1000 a pop baby! Not only that, but the information flowing from this HAS MADE ME MONEY. The stuff works! You gotta buy them first, but only once. Then you get to sell them and make that money over and over and over again. Plus I have gotten special VIP privileges at events by owning these products!

So now, I am a totally different person. All of the training, the teamwork, the support and the sweat have made me more confident, better informed and a success in my first ever affiliate program! It takes hard work, but it is worth it!

Get started for only $25 a month!

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