My Little Giggling Readers At Their School Open House


My little ones #reading a book in class on Open House night, shot with #Instagram. Here are some great tips for getting kids to read with some great reading activities. Why is getting kids to read so important? Kids nowadays want to sit on tablets and gaming systems. But reading is still important for a … Read more

[Periscope] Short Tour of Lakewood Church ⛪


Hey all! I go to #Lakewood #Church every Sunday. While there, I decided to talk about the programs that are offered, most for free and give a small tour of the lobby area. I made this video on #Periscope on Sunday, September 6, 2015. You’ll see classes for: Men Women Finance Families Teens Seniors Kids Etc. … Read more

Office of The Day – October 28, 2014


I would like to say I work from home, but I really don’t. I work online. Big difference. When I work online, I can work anywhere there is a WiFi connection.



Today, I am at Discovery Green in downtown Houston, at the Toddler Tuesday Halloween Costume Contest. My son is playing on the playground, and I am building a blog post for a client.



It is warm. Whenever he wants to go for a walk, I save my work and go with him. Discovery Green is a park with free WiFi. Nice.

I’m Experiencing Baby-itis


I’m experiencing baby-itis.

You know, when you wish you could hold your children as babies one more time.


When you wonder if you took enough pictures and video.

When you can see their baby features slowly melt away.

When you sigh heavily when you pass the newborn clothes at the store.


When you wonder how they went from smiling infants to cranky preschoolers.


To watch them run past you and want to hang out with kids instead of you.


To listen to their conversations get more detailed.


To see them grow into people instead of the darling little infants they once were.


Do I want to have another baby? No.

Sometimes, I just want the babies I used to have back, for just a few minutes.

No one ever tells you how bittersweet watching your kids growing up can be.