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7 Effective Ways To Quickly Improve Your Writing

Hello all! As you know, I love to pick useful links and put them on my Facebook page.

This gem from gives you 7 ways to improve your writing. Quickly, no doubt.

My favorite one out of the 7 is definitely the one that encourages me to read.

Though I love Facebook, lately, there has been a lot of drama on there. It is a total turn-off.

Bad for my virtual “social life.” Good for my reading life.

I’ve gone back to my childhood obsessions with anthropology and astronomy.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned about reading. In a world where we are used to 140 characters, text messages like “u” and “k” it is insanely different to read full texts, complete with advanced vocabulary and mind-bending concepts.

My brain is gaining weight.

How does this help with writing?

If you are a writer, you know it has everything to do with writing.

You are exposed to new ideas. You also see old ideas in a new way.

Writers know that reading helps cut down on your research time. You can pull ideas out of your memories, and if you need to cite a source, you can more easily find a source than starting from scratch.

Read the full article here. Comment below as to what your favorite writing tip from this article is.


7 Effective Ways To Quickly Improve Your Writing

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