Hurricane Patricia: Footage of Mudslides, Flash Floods and Dangerous Winds

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Houston Splash Pads – Cooler than Kim Kardashian

houston splash pads

#Houston splash pads. They are EVERYWHERE. When we moved here, they were a lifesaver in the summer heat. Splash pads are great because they cool the concrete and they cool your body, without the hassle of getting into a pool. Splash pads are a game-changer for little ones who can’t yet swim. There are all … Read more

Houston Kids Activities: Top Ways The Houston Children’s Museum Is Great Family Fun

Houston kids activities

  #Houston kids activities can either be for bigger kids or small tots. For parents, it can be tough to find a place that is safe, clean, and good for all ages. It’s tough to go to places with a 9 year old and a 1 year old, for example, and have them together.   … Read more