I’m Experiencing Baby-itis


I’m experiencing baby-itis.

You know, when you wish you could hold your children as babies one more time.


When you wonder if you took enough pictures and video.

When you can see their baby features slowly melt away.

When you sigh heavily when you pass the newborn clothes at the store.


When you wonder how they went from smiling infants to cranky preschoolers.


To watch them run past you and want to hang out with kids instead of you.


To listen to their conversations get more detailed.


To see them grow into people instead of the darling little infants they once were.


Do I want to have another baby? No.

Sometimes, I just want the babies I used to have back, for just a few minutes.

No one ever tells you how bittersweet watching your kids growing up can be.

7 Effective Ways To Quickly Improve Your Writing

read widely

Hello all! As you know, I love to pick useful links and put them on my Facebook page.

This gem from Lifehack.org gives you 7 ways to improve your writing. Quickly, no doubt.

My favorite one out of the 7 is definitely the one that encourages me to read.

Though I love Facebook, lately, there has been a lot of drama on there. It is a total turn-off.

Bad for my virtual “social life.” Good for my reading life.

I’ve gone back to my childhood obsessions with anthropology and astronomy.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned about reading. In a world where we are used to 140 characters, text messages like “u” and “k” it is insanely different to read full texts, complete with advanced vocabulary and mind-bending concepts.

My brain is gaining weight.

How does this help with writing?

If you are a writer, you know it has everything to do with writing.

You are exposed to new ideas. You also see old ideas in a new way.

Writers know that reading helps cut down on your research time. You can pull ideas out of your memories, and if you need to cite a source, you can more easily find a source than starting from scratch.

Read the full article here. Comment below as to what your favorite writing tip from this article is.


7 Effective Ways To Quickly Improve Your Writing bit.ly/1weoDYW fb.me/6IjCkwAVL